Problems getting on to the Thames

Published: Thursday, 11 June 2020

I know there are problems getting on to the Thames at Brentford with Canal & River Trust restricting passage, writes Joseph Farndon.

But there have been no notices about entry to the Thames at Oxford, but we have been stuck here since Monday and there is no one available to give us the required paper work, with just a general notice stuck in the office window on the river about coronavirus, but nothing specific.


We have come down Duke's Cut so as to miss that mess of moored boats in Oxford (we were held up last time) and wish to go down river but have always had the required paper work in the past, and do not feel like proceeding in view of the penalties of not having paid.

We have moorings arranged on the Thames so as to prevent having to stay overnight on the boat, but in fact are stuck on the boat as unable to make progress and don't want to risk leaving it here.