CaRT pandering to vandals

Published: Wednesday, 10 June 2020

 A STORY in the Express yesterday (Tuesday) states: 'A statue of Robert Milligan in West India Quay is to be taken down after petitions for its removal', writes John Coxon.

The Canal and River Trust has said it is committed to working with Tower Hamlets council and other partners 'to organise its safe removal as soon as possible'.

RobertMilliganIgnore its own boating communities

So CaRT appear to be okay working with and pandering to vandals and thugs but ignore its own boating communities concerns and worries!

It will rip a statue down within days after 1,200 wokes sign a petition to remove it just because they don't like it, but wouldn't close the towpaths when 5,500 boaters asked them to in order to protect their very lives!

What the country has come to

Is this what this country has really come to now, pandering to bunches of snowflakes, wokes, thugs and vandals at the drop of a hat but ignoring real sensible peoples' lives and wellbeing for months on end?

A typical knee jerk reaction from authority to violence and threats, let's give them what they want then perhaps they might go home?

No debate or democracy

But it's a very big stab in the back for 5,500 continous cruisers who have been forced to endure the crowds forced upon them as they sat in their homes.

This attitude from authority just shows that violence and vandalism are okay as a way to get things done quickly without debate or democracy!  Just because the reason behind the violence and vandalism is national news is totally immaterial and does not justify the double standards being perpetrated by CaRT.

One rule for one and another rule for the rest of us is it?  It certainly appears so!