Help available from Small Waterway Charity Appeal

Published: Tuesday, 09 June 2020

AT THE start of the coronavirus pandemic Canal & River Trust made an appeal to support small water-based charities.

The Trust has now announced its grant fund for the Small Waterway Charity Appeal has received hundreds of donations to the appeal and is now open for applications.

Awards of up to £1,000

Awards of up to £1,000 will be made to small charities that are using canals and rivers across England and Wales, with charities with an income below £250,000 per annum being eligible to apply for a grant, and the funding can be used to cover core costs or to contribute to a specific project.

Sue Wilkinson, Canal & River Trust Trustee and Chairman of the panel distributing the funds, explained:

“I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to our appeal for their generosity. These are tough times for a lot of people and it’s heartening to see the support shown for the many small waterways charities across England & Wales.  The threat to their survival at this time is very real and we’re delighted that, with your help, we are able to make a difference.

“To those who give their time to waterways charities: thank you.  I’ve seen first-hand the positive changes you bring to local communities, and the opportunities you give thousands of people.  You make our canals and rivers much richer.  If you are struggling, help is at hand—do take the time to apply for funding, it is there to support you.”

The Trust to match donations

The appeal is still open for donations. To donate, visit: 100% of your donation will be distributed by the Canal & River Trust in small grants to local waterway-based community charities to ensure they can continue to operate in the months and years ahead.  The Trust is match funding public donations up to £50,000.

Details of how charities can apply for funding from the Waterway Charities Appeal are available here:

The amount so far donated to the Small Waterway Charity Appeal has has not been stated.