Boater evicted by Droitwich Marina for upholding Cororavirus rules

Published: Monday, 01 June 2020

MY NAME is Sandra, I am a single woman, living full time on my boat, moored at Droitwich Marina for five years, writes Sandra Burgess.

Sandra250I am a key worker, working in education.  On the 8th of April, I received an eviction order to leave by 9th July. It all came about because I have complained about people flouting the rules at the Marina.

People flouting coronavirus rules

Back in March I put two complaints into the main office regarding Covid 19.  Due to no follow up from my complaint, I emailed the owner John Weston to take it further and requested a meeting with him to move forward.  I got a letter stating I was in breach of my contract and they were giving me three months notice to leave the Marina.  I am been evicted for complaining about people flouting the lockdown rules.  As we are in lockdown, I am being forced to live on the canal side.

SandraBoatThis weekend (22nd-24th May) four people and two dogs arrived to have a family party.  Two of the family had a sleepover in someone’s boat.  In totally there was over 14 people there.  I called the police. The police said that the visitors had stated they lived on one of the boats moored in the Marina, resulting in nothing being done.

Constant worry

I am having to use all the amenities which is a constant worry when you see people coming and going as if they are on holiday.  I watch people having gatherings with no care about the risks of spread.  I cannot organise any alternative mooring whilst we are in lockdown.  I feel totally isolated with no one to turn to.