Victor: Good one Damian!

Published: Sunday, 17 May 2020

IN THESE tragic days it's a relief to get a bit of humour, and we have to thank friend Damian Kemp for keeping us entertained with his updates.

He has been at sixes and sevens over the coronavirus with lots of contradicting material, but in his favour there is little doubt the poor lad is being bombarded with mis-information from his various masters.

But I must applaud him on one of his latest 'updates'. He tells us that from Monday 1st June the navigations will re-open in full, but alas then goes on to add that it will take some time to get the network fully operational so some sections will not be operational.

Good one, eh?

I wonder why

I should imagine we all know that the parks, beaches and open spaces are now open for visitors after being closed due to the pandemic, though the public is advised not to rush out.

But I just cannot understand why such wide open spaces were closed, with limited chance of getting the disease yet the narrow towpaths, where there is every chance of contracting it—and little doubt some did—remained open to all throughout. 

No one will tell.

The reason?

For many years this is the time we are out cruising, like no doubt many of you, but alas are unable except for a day out with no staying out overnight.  Now that I do not understand.

Hold on, wait a minute, I've got itit is that some of us may have the virus and when we moor by the towpath would pass it on to those all important towpath visitors.

Any other possible reason?  Perhaps dear Damian could enlighten...

The ostriches

Looking through the various marina websites during this pandemic with the exception of groups such as BWML and ABC, there was ner a mention they were shut down for the duration.

In fact all were promoting their services as normal, and it is only now in the past week a few are actually informing that boaters can now visit their boats.

Talk about burying heads...

Victor Swift