Take care at Lemonroyd Lock

Published: Friday, 01 May 2020

WITH movement on the waterways closed, it is not expected to concern many, but any using it should take care when passing through Lemonroyd Lock.

lemonroyd2This massive lock on the Aire & Calder Navigation is undergoing work with the need to lower the water level, it is told by up to 800mm, Keith Gudgin reports.

Leave plenty of play

Boaters are told by Canal & River Trust they should ensure they release ropes and leave plenty of play in them to accommodate water level drop.

It's notice however includes a now expected 'Cartism' with it says 'from Tuesday 5 May 2020 07:00 until Sunday 5 April 2020 22:00'.  Work that one out!  The picture is of our own boat, that well shows the size of the lock.