Rough and ready but keeps the isolation breakers away

Published: Thursday, 30 April 2020


THIS picture has been sent to us anonymously with the following explanation.

I am sending you this as you are the only people likely to publish it, but I would like to give you the reason, and it was on that scorching day last week nine boats moored here by instruction from Canal & River Trust (or better Towpath Trust), had to have all their doors and windows tightly closed owing to the crowds of people passing with the possibility of coronavirus carriers, with kids and dogs jumping on stern decks and the boats were scorching hot inside, as everyone knows the sun beating down on a moored steel narrowboat is no fun. 

Rigged up the camera

So our 'sparks' rigged up the camera and another painted the sign, and I am most pleased to report they have had an excellent effect, with only a dribble of people since.  I measured the towpath from the boats and it varied from 4ft 7in to 6ft 2in, with even the 6ft 2in not giving space for the legal 6ft isolating.

I do not want to give my name or particularly the location, as Canal & River Trust will have it down pronto.  Hope you will oblige