Stay off the towpaths say police.

Published: Friday, 17 April 2020

THE police have now entered the impetus to get people off the narrow towpaths in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Staffordshire Police have issued the most forceful statement to date that the towpaths should be closed to help stop the continuing spread of coronavirus by telling people not to use the towpaths but to exercise at home and stay at home during the lockdown, for though a number of beauty spots have been closed off, residents are now heading towards the waterways.


This comes after officers admitted there had been some confusion with whether or not families could travel further afield for their single permitted exercise trip each day, with a Moorlands Police spokesman explaining:

"There has been a reported increase in canal towpaths being used to walk and exercise.  Please consider that people live on the canals and are social distancing.

"Please exercise from home and then stay at home. Don’t go out unnecessarily and keep yourselves safe. Support the NHS."

Notice could not be seen

BurscoughLLThough Canal & River Trust tells that it has posted 'thousands of notices' around the system telling it is only for locals to use, that really does not make sense, but it seems they are being placed where they cannot be seen!

Boater, Neil Barter, in sending his picture of the people on the towpath at Burscough on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal opposite Farmer's Arms, pointed out that the notice by the swing bridge was tie wrapped so no one could see it!   A local took it off and re-positioned it on the fence where it could not be missed!

Gathering pace

The impetus to close the towpaths to visitors is gathering pace, with not only the police but such as the BBC, newspapers and councils all over the country pointing out the dangers of the narrow towpaths, most of which do not allow the two metres distancing space that is so important to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

It really is about time the government took action to once and for all stop this so obvious breach in its otherwise sensible distancing endeavours.