Stoppage notice reason?

Published: Wednesday, 01 April 2020

I THINK I may have realised the reason for those ridiculous stoppage notices that CaRT are churning out, write James Henry.

We know that narrowboatworld has a 'mole' at CaRT, and I wonder if it is the person who is in charge of stoppage notices and purposely mixing things up to give the site 'ammunition'?

Can anyone be so daft?

Thinking about it can anyone be so daft as to believe that a lift bridge swings?  Even the thickest must know a lift bridge lifts and a swing bridge swings. 

And naming the most well known rescue company on the waterways by the wrong name time after time, after being told, can hardly be accidental can it?

If it is the 'mole' he/she is doing a good job!  (This is one effort that will not be published will it Tom?)