British Waterways closed the towpaths

Published: Monday, 30 March 2020

WE DON'T expect many of you will remember those days of the rampant Foot & Mouth disease.

FootMouthMartin Cox reminds us that, though the whole country was suffering, having to take precautions of its spread with the wholesale use of disinfectant and miles of towpaths having to be closed by British Waterways, they still managed to keep most of the waterways open.

Closed miles of towpaths

It used sensible precautions along the waterways, closing miles of towpaths to prevent the spread of the disease that was decimating farm animals, and though not really affecting humans, its control was most important.

Canal & River Trust however believe that closing towpaths is not practicable, stating: 'It was neither practical nor desirable to close stretches of them'. (The picture shows the closed towpath of the Oxford Canal during the Foot & Mouth outbreak.)