Leisure boaters told to keep away

Published: Friday, 27 March 2020

NON LIVEABOARDS have been told not to come to Overwater Marina in order to protect those here from the virus, Amy Dickerson writes.

Reception closed but liveaboards can phone them for diesel, pump out, electric cards etc.  Toilets and showers remain open but we are asked to use are own.

1s overwaterTreating it like a holiday

There are a few who have appeared treating it like a holiday . That appears to be a problem for society as a whole—a lack of respect & concern for the safety of others.  I think the point needs to be made strongly.

Police road blocks will also stop them being able to get here.  Test will be today and over the weekend with the warmer weather at the moment.

Construction work stopped

Amy tells us she had the following reply to her complaint about workers near the marina, and wonders if it being published on narrowboatworld had anything to do with it:

'Hi Amy, in response to the current crisis, we have suspended all on-site project and construction works as soon as we safely can, other than where the work is dealing with a critical safety issue.  Where work needs to continue, we will ensure that Government advice around hygiene and social distancing is observed at all times by our contractors. Thank you'.