Stricken Soar boat swept over

Published: Wednesday, 11 March 2020


THE narrowboat that was stuck on County Road Bridge on the Soar at Barrow has now been swept over and sunk, as the photograph shows .

Previously the boat was upright, but the continuing height of the floods prevented it being removed so it had to remain, but a further flood caused it to topple over and it is now lying on its side in the river.


It is now in a much worse position, being sunk, waterlogged and jammed up against the bridge by the continuing force of the water.

BarrowNarrowBridgeIt is still preventing navigation of the main arch of the bridge though there is a further arch that is understood to be unusable for powered boats.

The removal of the boat that has been tasked to River Canal Rescue will test the company to its utmost as it will be nigh impossible to get to it from the river and its banks are awkward.

One-way only bridge

Though perhaps the easiest way may be to lift it with a crane from the bridge, this is a narrow one-way only bridge that would mean the busy road being completely closed whilst the operation takes place and it has a weight limit.

River Canal Rescue have received permission to remove the boat on Wednesday 25th March.