Final river trip for Airbus A380 wings

Published: Wednesday, 12 February 2020

THE final Airbus A380 wing has left Broughton in Wales along the Dee.

The wings for the plane have been manufactured at the Broughton factory that was officially opened in December 2003 by Tony Blair and part of their transportation was along the Dee, Terrence Price reports.


Producing more than ordered

But that factory was producing more wings for the world's largest passenger plane that were being ordered,

This means Airbus is winding down production of the jumbo jet, following its decision last year to stop production by 2021.

Airbus designs and manufactures the wings for its civil aircraft at its two sites in the UK, employing 13,500 people, with a spokesman telling Airbus has a very strong base in the UK and are very happy with this industrial base, with no reason to move production out of the UK, as it would be difficult as they are huge industrial systems.