Decade old waterfront scheme resurrected

Published: Wednesday, 22 January 2020

IT WAS over a decade ago that Fenland Council put forward its waterfront scheme for the Nene at Wisbech, that came to nought.

However the plans have been resurrected, with the council planning to build houses on the site by the river, Alan Tilbury reports.

WisbechDevelopmentReserves and borrowing

The artist's impression shows the scheme as it was originally intended, but it is not known if the new scheme will be the same, but is has a £35m fund made up of reserves and borrowing to support it.

The site is already owned by the council and it states it could 'deliver 80 to 100 new homes as well as trading facilities.

Victim of the housing slump

It is not known if the moorings shown will be included in the new scheme.  The original became a victim of the 2009 housing slump and was scrapped.