Stoppage map riddle solved

Published: Wednesday, 08 January 2020

THE riddle of that out of date stoppage map has been solved.

Contributor Brian Holt delved into it and discovered it was created by a Tom Sapey, who gives the following information:

StoppageMapNever looked back

'I brought my narrow boat in 2008 and never looked back.  Over the years I've explored the canal network and been fascinated by canals.

Canal maps in particular had some mesmerizing factor, I could loose myself in a Nicholson's guide taking an imaginary boat trip, counting the locks and miles to my unknown destination. This project is about building a beautiful map to entice you onto the canals to explore the waterways, but beyond this the platform and format means it can be user generated and become live with other data sources.  I'm hoping to do a lot more work on this project in 2019'.

As it is now 2020, and the map considerably out of date, it would seem his project has fallen through.