That strange stoppage map

Published: Friday, 03 January 2020

THE map showing stoppages that contributor T. Lang referred to has raised some interest.

Not listed

Ray Moore writes—I have just been looking at T. Lang's email re the 25 stoppages on the CaRT system.  Straight away I noticed that the stoppage at Hurleston bottom lock was not listed.  Seeing that this is a major stoppage it would suggest that the map has not been updated for quite a while.  I went on the link to add this information and submitted it.  We will see if this happens.

All very strange

Helen Cripps writes—I noticed that map in November, and though it states it is updated every morning, this is not so, as in that time I had not noticed any alteration.  It does not look like an official CaRT map, for as T. Lang pointed out there was none of the normal heading that we now come to expect from CaRT.  It is all very strange.


Gerry Varley writes—That map showing the Canal & River Trust stoppages I think is a fake, as one of the stoppages in on the Grantham Canal that it does not enforce and there are long stoppages that are not listed at all.

A good idea

Les Collins writes—I don't believe that stoppages map is from CaRT at all, but someone showing stoppages and adding them as they are announced, but it is out of date and certainly not updated at 10.30am every morning.  But it is certainly a good idea and perhaps your 'stoppage man' ought to do something similar!