Why repair it?

Published: Thursday, 19 December 2019

I JUST do not get having a temporary repair followed by a permanent repair to Toddbrook Reservoir, writes Jim Cracken.

Why on earth not do it all at once if they are going to do it at all?  Which poses the question—why repair it?

Provides no water supply

It provides no water household/business supply and the amount of traffic on the Peak Forest with the ongoing stoppages to both Marple and Bosley flights means there is plenty of supply from the existing reservoirs.

Or though never mentioned, I wonder if it is the angling associations who have lost all that fishing, that is behind it all?  And of course the sailing club that is now out of action?

Complete waste

Whatever, but spending £10 millions for a reservoir that is obviously no longer necessary seems a complete waste. And I am sure all those people living in its path that had to be evacuated would like to see it gone.