Broadband problems to be solved at Sawley Marina

Published: Thursday, 12 December 2019

BROADBAND at Sawley Marina has been something of a hit and miss affair in the past but all is to change.

The new owner of the marina, Aquavista, is undertaking the installation of fibre optics to the jetties at  the marina with work now under way.

FibreSawleyA problem

In the past wi-fi has been a problem at the marina, with boaters relying on their own dongles (as we do) to obtain broadband, the provided marina signal being very weak in certain parts of the marina.

In addition to its weak signal, the service in the marina provided by Sutton Commmuications had been reported as going into automatic shutdown and being affected by water.

But with a fibre optics service soon to be coming on-line that will all be a thing of the past, and boaters, particularly the many residents, will have a reliable and more importantly, a fast internet service.

The photograph shows an engineer this week  laying the cables to the individual berths on a jetty at the marina.