No longer showing start date of stoppages

Published: Monday, 25 November 2019

I STOPPED the stoppage notices from CaRT when we cut down on our cruising as no longer necessary, writes Les Collins.

But as we did a big cruise over the August holiday I signed-up to them again, but there was something that seemed to be missing.


Then it clicked, when reading a recent one about Denham Deep Lock being out of action, I realised what was missing—the original start date of the stoppage, for under the heading 'Original message' that gives details of the start when the navigation was closed, the date has been removed.

The reason for the omission of the date is of course obvious, as CaRT don't want to remind boaters how long the lock had been out of action!

Seven months

It may not be too important as far as the Denham Lock is concerned, that could be repaired quickly, but when you get such as the lock on the Weaver being out of action for seven months, CaRT obviously don't want to tell!

I just wonder when the omissions started, possibly I guess when the 'wait until it breaks then mend it (possibly!)' came into action.