Here we go again!

Published: Thursday, 14 November 2019

ONCE again the Lune Embankment on the Lancaster Canal is in need of repair.

This will require draining the Lune Aqueduct, that suffered the same problem of leakage in 2011 needing £2.25 million to repair and closing the waterway for many weeks.

Another repair

Then the waterway was closed again in 2015 when the embankment sprung three leaks that needed 48 tonnes of clay to repair, and here we go again with more leaks.

But this time instead of traditional clay, a plastic liner will be used to cover the leaks, with the repair now underway, this time at a cost of £1.5 millions.

Not completed until March

A  240 metre section of the canal bed will then be relined, but will not be completed until March when it is hoped to reopen the waterway.

Canal & River Trust state that this is instead of clay that would have been used to help keep the canal watertight 200 years ago when the Aqueduct was first built—perhaps not knowing it had to be relined in 2011 by British Waterways!  Perhaps though it will be third time lucky, as the Lancaster Canal boaters must hope.