Comment of 10% from boaters is a total insult

Published: Wednesday, 06 November 2019

HAVING just paid my licence this week with my prompt discount reduced to 5% which I went along with peacefully until I read your article, writes Dave Carden.

What on earth keeps Jon Horsfall in a job other than to show up the hierarchy of CART? His comment of our 10% keeps the waterways available to us boaters is a total insult.

What does he mean?

Does he mean that other CART investment/income does not?  Does he mean that they don’t really want boats on the cut?  Does a cyclist or walker provide income?

Where I moor and cruise there is a fortune being spent on the towpaths for non paying 'customers'“ while we go aground mid-cut right by the brand new towpaths/works.

Should be a navigation authority

His comment just shows that CART have forgotten that they are or should be a navigation authority.

As for wide beams if you are going to allow them onto the canals at least adapt your maintenance to cope, ie cut back the off-side overgrowth and do some proper dredging .

Life maybe better by water but it would be even better in/on it if CART were doing its job!