Now its L&L towpaths closed.

Published: Wednesday, 30 October 2019

THE closures of the navigation on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal does not usually affect towpaths but  now one has not 'escaped'.

The stoppage at Bridge 64 between Adlington and Wigan Flight has resulted in the closure of the towpath in addition to the navigation, Keith Gudgin reports.

Water running outside the culvert

The collapsed culvert means that the water is running outside the culvert and is eroding the towpath.

This has  created a void resulting in it being unsuitable for pedestrians and will require additional work on site to repair. The towpath has now been closed for safety reasons.

Part of winter stoppage

As reported in narrowboatworld, the work has been brought forward as part of the winter stoppage, that was planned for January. with the canal bed being relined over the culvert.

The navigation is now closed for winter, but no notice has been given concerning the length of closure of the towpath.