Salterford Lock out of action again

Published: Tuesday, 29 October 2019

NOTWITHSTANDING seven months work repairing Saltersford Large Lock on the Weaver it is out of action yet again!

It may be remembered that the original stoppage was way back on the 2nd January this year when we were told it concerned a broken cill that would take until the 8th April to repair, then we were told there was a stop planks problem, then from time to time other problems with one requiring new steelwork, though no details were given.

aw salterford locksGood service for years to come

It meant that the repair took to the 8th of August but with the rejoinder that it would now give good service for many years to come.

Alas, that is not the case, as Keith Gudgin now tells us it is out of action yet again!

This we are told is due to a void that has been discovered behind the tail gates preventing their operation.  A diver survey had been arranged, but cancelled until engineers can inspect the lock.

Telltale warning?

This is less than three months  after it was all repaired, which begs the question—wasn't there any telltale warning of the possibility of a void then?