Hardly showing 'better by water'

Published: Friday, 18 October 2019

MAY  I congratulate Richard MacKenzie who cleared the South Oxford of litter, writes James Henry.

As you reported, together with his live-aboard family around 70 bags of rubbish were collected, and rightly so he was congratulated by officials in Oxford after finishing his mammoth task.

70 bags of rubbish

With 70 bags of rubbish strewn along the South Oxford, it was hardly showing it was 'better by water'  that Canal & River Trust are fond of boasting—it was a mess, and certainly not conducive to that 'wellbeing' now also being foisted upon us.

And it certainly begs the question—why was it left to a boater to clear it all up, why not Canal & River Trust itself?  Hardly promotes its claims.