Boaters' new Free Stuff Group

Published: Friday, 18 October 2019

A GROUP has been formed for Grand Union Canal boaters to donate and obtain articles for free.

The new Grand Union Boaters Freecycle Group has been set up by boaters to reduce waste on the waterways, save money and free up storage.

Things they don't want

Boaters can advertise things that they don’t want and are willing to give away for free, which others may collect for free.  You simply join the Facebook group and post your items with a picture and location, or watch out for free items to pick up for yourself.

The inspiration for the Grand Union Canal group came from its sister group in London, named London Boaters Freecycle/Tat Spotting.

Online 'free shop'

Aren Ock, who runs London Boaters Tat Spotting, explained:

“It’s an online ‘free shop’ for boaters. You offer what you don’t want, and pick up things you do.  A lot of us are itinerant or have/need stuff which is only for boats, so standard freecycle groups don’t really work for us.

"We’re aiming to make it easier to find homes for things, prevent landfill and fly-tipping, and improve our environmental impact by using things which already exist and are local, instead of buying in new. Overall I’m just really glad people are finding it useful, I hope it continues to grow.”

Already saved things

Marcus Trower who set-up the Grand Union Boaters Freecycle and Tat spotting Facebook group told:

"I could see the idea spreading. The Grand Union Boaters Freecycle Group has only been running for a short time and already we have saved things from going to the bin and most importantly for many, we have saved individuals money.

"If you live on or travel through or plan to travel to the Grand Union outside the M25 and want to get free things and/or give things away, this is the Facebook group for you. You’re welcome to join."

Grand Union Boaters Freecycle/Tat Spotting:

London Boaters Freecycle/Tat spotting: