If CaRT won't do it...

Published: Thursday, 17 October 2019

IF CANAL & River Trust will not clean-up the Oxford Canal, one boater at least will do so.

Though many of us pick up the odd bit of obvious litter, live-aboard Richard MacKenzie, takes it much further, Alan Tilbury reports.

Undertook to clear the litter

Cruising the Oxford Canal on his narrowboat Bluebell he undertook to clear the South Oxford of litter from Sutton Stop right down to Oxford

Richard LitterOxford2A continuous cruiser with his wife and two young children he was shocked to see the amount of litter strewn along the waterway, with no attempt by the authorities at a clean-up, so did it himself.

Around 70 bags of rubbish

Starting on Monday 7th October, he told the Oxford Mail that armed with his litter-picker stick and a supply of bin bags he had collected around 70 sacks of rubbish and was shocked at the amount of litter that had been allowed to accumulate.

Last weekend he was welcomed by Tom Hayes, the council’s lead member for the waterways, and Lord Mayor Craig Simmons, with Richard telling them:

“It’s been a huge challenge. I wanted to make a difference as the Oxford Canal is my home.  But I want to raise awareness too—we all have to take greater care of our environment.”