Remarkable nobody drowned

Published: Wednesday, 16 October 2019

READING about the algae on the canal in Walsall it is remarkable that nobody drowned, writes T. Lang.

With one bar being close as shown in your latest report, it really is remarkable that someone a little bit worse for drink had not stepped in and been unable to get out.  I don't see how CaRT would have got away with that happening, as according to the lady working in Bar 10 it had been in that condition for three weeks.

Nothing done for three weeks

So for three weeks nothing had been done about it, so no wonder so many people had fallen in, and now there should be some compensation claims, that might waken someone up.

From the picture the water is right next to a walkway for quite a distance, and as you can see chairs and tables next to it at the far end, it really is remarkable that there were no fatalities.