Virgin enjoy an awayday

Published: Wednesday, 16 October 2019

DURING September, a group of seven keen volunteers from the Virgin Media Business Project Delivery team came to do some vegetation clearance along the Chesterfield Canal.

They had heard about the work that the Chesterfield Canal Trust does to keep the canal from becoming overgrown and wanted to do their bit to help.

Virgin2Autumn programme

For the past two years, the Chesterfield Canal Trust’s ex- British Waterways workboat Python has supported volunteers in cutting back vegetation on the towpath and overhanging the waterway itself.  This was the first day of this autumn’s programme and the volunteers made a superb start.

They went to Kiveton Park where they were equipped with hard hats, gloves and hi-vis jackets and given a safety briefing.  They were supplied with a variety of cutting and lopping tools and set off up to the portal of the Norwood Tunnel.

Here some cleared the landing stage, whilst others worked their way along the towpath removing overgrown brambles and trimming back overhanging branches.

Hot drinks and cake

Despite rather mixed weather, we are told they did a sterling job and certainly had a good time—perhaps the plentiful supplies of hot drinks and cake helped!

Virgin2019Volunteer Team Lead Carole Payton explained:

“A fabulous opportunity to utilise our allocated Volunteer Day supporting the Chesterfield Canal Trust team.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with the historic narrowboat Python to cut back vegetation along the canal banks and towpath.”

For the Chesterfield Canal Trust Jan Warsop enthused:

"It was wonderful to welcome such a highly motivated and enthusiastic team to join us maintaining the canal."

Fully restored by 2027

The aims of the Chesterfield Canal Trust are to promote the full restoration and appropriate development of the Chesterfield Canal.  It has a target to get the canal fully restored by 2027, the 250th Anniversary of its opening.

The Trust welcomes any groups who would like to help to maintain or restore the canal. This might be public or private sector businesses or those from the voluntary sector. For further information, please ring 01246 477569.