No further boats through Macclesfield stoppage

Published: Wednesday, 16 October 2019

THOUGH Canal & River Trust stated that there will be a 'window' for boats through its Macclesfield Canal stoppage, the limit has been reach.

This means that no more boats will be allowed passage through bridges 26 and 27 at Bollington, Keith Gudgin reports, and asksas no doubt will others now stuck—'so why could they not extend the open period?'

No locks involved

After all there are no locks involved just passage by a 'leak' between two bridges.  For those now unable to get through it will mean a wait until Friday 13th March, that will certainly be unlucky for them.

The navigation is now closed with a 'window' on Wednesday 16th October from 11am to 1.30pm, but there is not intimation of how many boats are being allowed through, just that 'we are unable to accept any further requests'.

Neither is there any explanation as to why the time cannot be extended to allow further boats through.