What pratical use of Toddbrook Reservoir Report?

Published: Monday, 07 October 2019

What is the practical use of completing a 'Reservoir Surveillance Inspection Report' form? Asks Bill Ridgeway.

What, I wonder is the use of redacting standard questions on the form? The answer to many of the questions are indicated as 'NO'.


There follows a question 'if yes give details' but the following box which should not have any information are redacted. What, I wonder is the use of redacting what should be a blank box?

The only answer to that is that the question should have been answered YES in which case the box contains further information. I notice that where a report has been counter-signed by a Waterways Engineer counter-signing has been done on a common date and,over two months later in some instances.

Many not countersigned

Many have not been countersigned at all. What, I wonder is the practical use of having these reports counter-signed by a Waterways Engineer?

I will leave drawing conclusions to you dear reader.