Surely cannot be legal

Published: Wednesday, 02 October 2019

SENDING out a Freedom of Information request with 90% blacked out surely cannot be legal, writes T. Lang.

The whole point of Freedom of Information requests is to get information, and blacking out nearly all of it is surely not complying with the request, as it is just not giving the information asked for.

Plain stupid

Even blacking out what are obviously photographs is plain stupid as both you and many others have published many photographs that must have been seen by everybody.

The reasons given for not giving the requested information doesn't stand up as how can there be 'a high level of public interest in not releasing information that would result in a threat to public safety'?

Protection and safety

And 'releasing key details of the infrastructure and potential vulnerabilities of the Toddbrook Reservoir would prejudice the protection and safety of the public through potential damage or disruption to the national infrastructure by acts of sabotage', just does not make sense, as that is exactly what the public, those living beneath the dam, want to know, for their own protection and safety.

It is all silly excuses and Canal & River Trust must be brought to book.