Too much hassle

Published: Friday, 27 September 2019

THE reason we no longer use the waterway from Foxton to Leicester is that it is too much hassle, writes Jim Cracken.

Twice we have dropped down from Kilby Bridge to find an empty pound, one of which I took the photograph, and I know it is easy to open the paddles on the gate above, but this means that that pound will then be empty so I called Canal & River Trust.

low leicsToo much water

A fella eventually arrived over an hour later with the excuse he was given the wrong waterway, that seemed a bit lame. But he did let water down and off we went as far as Gee's Lock where there was too much water—but no complaint!

Then last year we too could not get the top gate of St Mary's Mill Lock open owing to the leakage of the bottom gate and had to open more top gate paddles, then there were paddles on other locks that were too stiff, so needed two of us. 

As we all know things are getting worse, that waterway is one we will give a miss in future.