Sense at last from a council

Published: Tuesday, 03 September 2019

IF  DEVON'S council can see the problem and do something proactive about it why the hell can't CART? Asks Brian Jarrett.

CyclistsDismountThis is the sign erected on the towpaths by Devon County Council, and why indeed can't Canal & River Trust—of signs galoredo the same?

Give way to pedestrians

After all. the law, in the shape of Section 9—11 of the 1972 Road Traffic Act lays down the regulations, not only of cyclists having to give way at all times to pedestrians but cycling recklessly, dangerously or under the influence of drink.

Added to this is the matter of the rules concerning the widths of  towpaths used as cycleways. that are nowhere near the widths demanded.

Serious injury or death

It really is about time that CaRT pulled its head out of the sand and made sure the ever increasing 'upgrades' to our towpaths into cycle tracks conformed with the rules, as these ever increasing number of accidents caused by the narrow tracks, must surely eventually result in a very serious injury or death.