Trent claims another victim in Nottingham

Published: Tuesday, 03 September 2019

THE hot weather recently caused many to take to the Trent to cool off in Nottingham, but for one it proved fatal.

On Bank Holiday Monday a 19 years old man drowned after getting into difficulty in the river by Victoria Embankment, Alan Tilbury reports.

Underwater search units

With it being realised the man had disappeared, the river was closed off while specialist search units and the underwater search crews eventually found a body.

The result that once again people are calling for signs to be erected warning of the obviously dangerous undercurrents of the river, this being the second such death over the past year.


A petition has been organised that demands signs along the Trent warning of dangerous under currents in the river after the deaths, that has received hundreds of signatures.

A spokesman for Canal & River Trust stated it will 'be flagging this petition to the Nottingham Water Safety Partnership and would urge anyone coming down to the riverside to stay safe and stay out of the water'.