CaRT defeating its object

Published: Friday, 23 August 2019

I TOTALLY agree with Helen Cripps about the lack of safety on the towpaths, writes T. Lang.

But  what I really cannot understand is the urge by CaRT to get more and more visitors to the towpaths, to of course impress the government, whilst at the same time making their visits dangerous!

Less walkers

There is little doubt that there are a lot less walkers on the towpaths these days, and those with children walking the new cycle tracks are few and far between, so really CaRT is defeating its object by upgrading its towpaths whilst at the same time attempting to encourage visitors.

I too, like yourselves and Helen, have moored on Sawley Cut and totally agree that it is dangerous with the fast cyclists, for after all, the towpath is long and straight (as are most of the cycle tracks) with a good surface so what can we expect?

Away from the subject, perhaps boaters should be aware that the chandlery at Sawley is not always open, so don't tramp around the road to get there as it could be a wasted journey.