It is obvious why it happened

Published: Monday, 12 August 2019

WHY ask a question when the answer is known asks T Lang.

The Boaters' Update from CaRT, referring to the collapse of the spillway of Toddbrook Reservoir, asks 'Why did it happen?'

Will find out

Then says it will use every means possible to find out what caused the damage, and I quote:

It’s still too early to say. The intense rainfall experienced in the area on the afternoon of Wednesday 31 July is thought to be a significant contributory factor. Our engineers were on site around the clock during the emergency phase and, as we move into the investigation, will use every means possible to find out what caused the damage.

WhaleyBridgeWeedsIt was obvious

I don't know about others, but it wasn't very long before we all knew why it had happened—lack of inspection and lack of maintenance, which was obvious as the many pictures of even trees sprouting up between the concrete well showed. And it does not need an Einstein to realise all the water seeping through had caused the soil holding the slabs to wash away then ultimately the slaps to collapse, with the hole clearly seen

Both the papers and the internet had a 'field day', showing the pictures and showing the lie to CaRT's excuse that it had been inspected in 2018, when one particular picture showed the vegetation growing through in 2017. [Photograph shown.]

I expect that CaRT's 'Why did it happen' will fool some, but it certainly will not fool us boaters, well used to its standard of maintenance, for it is obvious why it happened