Flooded Hatton with volunteers

Published: Monday, 12 August 2019

I CAN understand why CaRT flooded Hatton Flight with volunteers  (Victor: What a con), writes Martin Howes.

The poor inadequates would never have managed one lock without them. Don’t forget, the waterways need to be shown in a good light, and it is cheaper than prime-time commercials. It is only for entertainment as well.

Prevented use of lock

I’ve seen lots of painting by volunteers, from the helpful individuals at Compton earlier this year, to the obstructive ones at Burnley a few years back who prevented use of the lock for over 30 minutes. To be lectured that ‘if you want to rush, you should not be on the canals’ was not well received by the five boats held up.

Going back to Compton, as we left the lock, descending, the steerer of the boat going up was extremely put out because he had stayed on the boat expecting to be locked through. He had to reverse partially out to get off.