CaRT tells Toddbrook Reservoir needs rebuilding

Published: Thursday, 08 August 2019

A SPOKESMAN for the Environment Agency maintains Toddbrook Reservoir requires significant engineering works.

Bill Derbyshire stated that to bring the reservoir to a condition where its long term safety can be assured, the Environment Agency expects the Canal and River Trust to do the necessary investigations and engineering work to make the dam safe and protect the community.

Long-term future

While the work has been going on to drain the Toddbrook Reservoir, many are posing questions over its long-term future and particularly the safety of those living below it.

Daniel Greenhalgh of Canal & River Trust told the meeting discussing its future that they would eventually have to rebuild it but admitted that it is hard to tell how long this would take, with his statement:

Two years, three years, who knows

"We are very much in the emergency phase now and we are currently repairing and carrying out construction work, [its rebuilding] could take 18 months, two years, three years, who knows?"