Horses at Work' returns to the National Waterways Museum

Published: Thursday, 08 August 2019

THE popular 'Horses at Work' event returns to the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port.

The horse Bonny will be pulling the historic boat Gifford along the waterway at the museum on Sunday 11th August, Alan Tilbury reports.

forge ellesmereShire horses

For anyone with an interest in horses the day should prove most interesting as visitors will be able to see Bonny being harnessed and in action and there will also be a chance to see the shire horses that pull the drays for Stockport’s Robinson’s Brewery.

Visitors can also see the a farrier at work in the forge.

For children there will be the opportunity to see and ride ponies and learn about their grooming and diet.

World War I

In addition, the horses Castle and Bilbo will be demonstrating the equipment horses carried in World War 1. And in a special medic tent visitors can find out more about life behind the lines during the war.

Walking tours will be arranged throughout the day exploring the seven acre site, and a team will be there to show objects that tell the story of the horses who worked on the docks and canals.