Make-shift and inadequate repair of canal structure

Published: Wednesday, 07 August 2019

Despite Richard Parry's response on national television that they had money for maintenance, writes Brian D Jarrett.

DiglisBasinWe still see every day examples of make-shift and inadequate repair of canal structures. Here is another as the moorings collapses at Diglis Basin on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

Another winter maintenance 'miss'

[The fencing was erected last year we understand, to stop boaters using the rings on the broken moorings, with nothing done over the winter maintenance. Another maintenance 'miss' was the cill at Wheaton Aston Lock that was reported as damaged two years ago and is now liable to fail at any time, with CaRT staff having to be on hand as such is the amount of water leaking from the bottom gates it is impossible for a single person to open the top gate as the lock will no longer fill—Editor.]