Council want to demolish biodiversity site it created

Published: Thursday, 18 July 2019

A GROUP of local residents have set up a website to tell their story and fight to save a small triangular green piece of land by the Regent's Canal.

Tower Hamlets Council own the land and applied to their own council committee to destroy a biodiversity site, a natural habitat for birds/bees/bats/wildflowers and native species hedges, that they actually initially helped to create and fund!

LimehouseNatureTriangleStrong opposition

Despite three years of strong opposition, on 1st April 2019, the council decided to push through planning permission for the new development which is five and eight storeys high, containing just 17 flats, even though very little had changed from the previously rejected applications.

The group think the Limehouse Triangle should remain a biodiversity site. They think the council have got it wrong. They met local mayor John Biggs last night to request that the build does not go ahead, because even through the council have planning permission, the council can decide not to build.

The website and if you would like to support, please sign the petition: which will be given to the mayor.