No CaRT help for ill and exhausted single-hander

Published: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

LAST Thursday I phoned CaRT to ask for assisted passage through the remainder of the Cheshire Locks and how to contact Volunteer Lock Keepers, writes Amy Dickerson.

No details are published by CaRT as to where or how to contact the lockies. I have heart problems compounded by anaemia, plus a pacemaker and am single-handed on my boat.


I did the eight locks up from Wheelock and was exhausted and having trouble with mooring my boat up above Lock 59 on the T&M. Some walkers expressed their concern about the state I was in.

The initial person from CaRT I spoke to was very good and helpful. Alas when I got a phone call back from a woman in the NW Regional Office she appeared not to want to talk to me. At best she was abrupt. I explained my problem to her and her response was that I should contact my GP.

CaRT did not know which region locks where in!

My GP is well aware of my condition as are North Staffs Cardiology in Stoke & Leighton Hospital in Crewe. She told me the locks I had requested help for from Hassall Green to Kidsgrove were predominantly in the West Midlands area. This is not the case, they are all under the NW Region.

Suffice to say I have heard nothing more from CaRT. I did get tremendous support from fellow boaters moving up the Cheshire Locks and I would like to thank all of you for getting me safely to the Church Lawton moorings.

Not better 'on the water'

CaRT would clearly wish that I go back into my box and not waste my breath on such stupid requests for help. In other words how dare I navigate single-handed up the Cheshire Locks in my state of health. Bad news for them as I do not intend returning to my mooring until about November. As for Equal Opportunities for enjoying the canals, my experience is this may be possible ‘by the water’ but certainly not ‘on the water’.

[Two days on what is regarded as the most difficult flight on the waterways, aptly named 'Heartbreak Hill', we too encounted not a single volunteer locky.]