Doing something right!

Published: Friday, 21 June 2019

THE Canal & River Trust at least is doing something right in extending its customer service to include week-ends, writes Gerry Varley.

I, and I know of many others, have complained at not being able to contact CaRT at the week-ends, that seems ridiculous under the circumstances.

More people

The circumstances being that there are obviously more people on the waterways at week-ends when many are off work, so it is the time that boaters mostly need to get in touch, and not getting an answering service that 'takes' you nowhere.

We are not told why the decision was made to include the week-ends, but perhaps it is 'listening to boaters' as it says, but if it is perhaps the next thing it will listen to are the complaints about the state of its waterways!

Stoppages were rare

I think it was Victor who wrote that things were much better in the old days under British Waterways, when stoppages were rare, not three a week as now.