CaRT to extend customer service to include week-ends

Published: Thursday, 20 June 2019

THE Canal & River Trust has at last responded to boaters complaints about their not being able to get in touch, particularly at week-ends.

It is to extend its customer service on the 7th July from 8am to 6pm during the week and from 10am to 4pm at week-ends, with all contact channels open including telephone, web form, email and social.

All sorts of enquiries

The team receives all sorts of enquiries from customers, including reports of damaged lock gates, licence enquiries, finding out if a section of canal is open, incidents of vandalism, and various questions about  volunteering and where to find information, with Jon Horsfall, Head of Customer Service Support at Canal & River Trust, explaining:

“Our customers have told us that it would be helpful to be able to speak to us over the weekend and I’m pleased that our customer service team will now be available seven days a week.

"Many of our boaters do their cruising at the weekend, so it’s great that they’ll be able to talk to someone if they have a question or something to report when they’re out on the cut. We think this added service will be of real value to boaters and all those who enjoy our waterways.”

Getting in touch

Boaters can get in touch with the Trust by filling out a webform or calling 0303 040 4040.