Carrying on the tradition

Published: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

LONG-TIME readers may remember Mr Asbo—the rather savage swan on the Cam at Cambridge that objected to people.

One of its descendants nicknamed Asbaby is carrying on the tradition, and woe betide any swimmer who dares to come near its brood, Alan Tilbury reports.

SwansCamAn hasty retreat

Its latest victim was a student who was swimming in the river while the swam was protecting its young, and Asbaby went in for the attack, with the swan's partner joining in with both bullying the poor swimmer until he made a hasty retreat and climbed out. Photograph by Geoff Robinson.

In the past there were plans to remove the original Mr, Asbo, but citizens objected stating that it was his river, so it came to nought. There are grumblings now from both swimmers and rowers about his descendent, but he too is seen by many as part of the activities of the river.