Weaver closed until August

Published: Wednesday, 12 June 2019

THOUGH the Anderton Boat Lift is working, only nine miles of navigation is available on the Weaver.

This is because there is now further delay with the completion of the repairs to Saltersford Large Lock, Keith Gudgin reports, following the failure of the stop planks at the end of April with Canal & River Trust stating:

aw salterford locksHealth and safety

'Both our health and safety and engineering teams have been working to investigate the potential cause of the stop plank failure to enable us to develop a safe system of work to de-water and access the lock to complete the necessary repairs'.

It may be remembered that the original stoppage concerned a cill repair, but we are now told a solution to the problem of the stop planks has been found, but it will take until August to manufacture and install the new steelwork that it has been decided will solve the problem.

This means there is only seven miles cruising up-stream and a two miles cruising down-stream to the closed lock for anyone wanting to cruise the Weaver.