Polluting the waterways

Published: Thursday, 06 June 2019

WE INCLUDED feedback from Dawn Brant recently in connection with Canal River Rescue pollution piece.

She stated 'there are many things polluting the waters and not just the small amount of oil and fuel that leaks from a boat on the rare occasional pump-out'. To this, Stephanie Horton, Managing Director of RCR, responds:

Speak from experience

"River Canal Rescue engineers spend more time down in the bilges than most people, so we speak from experience when we say that boats are polluting the waterways. This is supported by BSS examiners and surveyors around the country.

"We are not suggesting anyone does this on purpose, but ignoring the pollution issue will not make it go away. Yes, there are many sources of pollutants but this is is one of the biggest single contributors to water contamination and one we can do something about.

"If you've ever been in a marina and spotted the classic rainbow on the water, you'll know this is a tell-tale sign of oil and fuel pollution. It's clear this is an issue and it's something boaters can and should address. I agree we're not the only ones polluitng the inland waterways, but we should as a community be acting to reduce and hopefully eradicate it."