Too expensive at Crick?

Published: Friday, 31 May 2019

PREVIOUS articles reflect on the high cost of getting into the Crick Boat Show, writes Bill Ridgeway.

The cost of eating whilst there and the cost of traders displaying there. This begs the questions 'Is it expensive'? 'Why is it expensive'? and 'Who is taking the profit'?.

Seek to cover the cost

The traders are there to make a reasonable profit and, in doing so, seek to cover the cost of being there. That being so traders may not be the culprit.

The organisers too have to make a reasonable profit and, in doing so, have to reflect the cost of renting the land.

Finger of suspicion

If that argument holds true then the finger of suspicion points to the land owner. Of course the answer may be that perception of that the show is too expensive lays not at the door of any one group but that it is just an aggregation of the reasonable profit of all groups.

Whether or not the show is too expensive for the visitor is a very subjective question. The 'market forces' argument is that as long as there are no fewer visitor than the previous year then the entrance charge and the cost of food is about correct.