Crick was good value

Published: Thursday, 30 May 2019

AS A boater, interested in many things boating, I thought the entry price to Crick Show was not at all excessive, writes Paul Thompson.

CollingwoodIf Paulene Crocker had first looked on the Web she would have seen by purchasing tickets beforehand she would not have paid so much as she did at the gate.

All in one place

Everything for the boater is all in the one place, and anyone thinking of replacing or purchasing a new boat, it is the ideal place, for as you said there were more than ever before, and you could inspect them all and ask any question you wanted of the many people with the boats.

We told a fellow boater who is thinking of going broad beam of the big display of such boats at the show, and he went and told us he was most impressed and picked up a great deal of information, with no complaint about the entrance fee. [The picture shows the array of broad beams by one builder.]