Crick ticket prices

Published: Thursday, 30 May 2019

I WAS most pleased to see that Helen Cripps had pointed out about the entry fee to Crick.

My husband and I decided to give my father a day out at the show as he worked on the canal boats on what was the Grand Junction Canal after the war, so thought he would be interested in how things have changed, but it cost us £46.50 and thinking there would be plenty of food we took none, and with that and a couple of drinks during the afternoon there was not much change out of £100.

Interested in old boats

He of course was interested in the old boats and showing us where he used to live, but we could find just a couple and they were locked up so he did not have that pleasure, so it was a waste of time as my husband and I have no interest in the things exhibited.

A friend put me on to your site and that was how I found out about it. Incidentally I just looked at the Crick web site and see there are no ticket prices shown.

Pauline Crocker